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Upcoming paper


A few years ago it began as a one-woman-armed pipe dream aimed at the hope of someday providing a much-needed resource to the urban Boston communities. Publisher, Kelly Excellus, has since transformed her pipe dream into a reality.

Formerly known as the Boston Urban Newspaper (BUN),  we rebranded in 2015 to cater to our teen audience. We have a full staff of writers, an editing team, an arsenal of local graphic designers, marketing gurus and sales professionals that are now operating around the clock to provide teens with valuable content.

Here at Teen Urban News (TUN), our mission is to inform, empower and educate the community utilizing journalism and performing arts. It is also our goal to bridge the gap between our neighborhood teens by sharing news, events and relevant resources. Currently, TUN can be found in middle schools, high schools, libraries, and community centers, with numbers expanding each month. In addition to expanding our monthly print edition, and constructing a brand new website, we will provide programs to help teens explore different talents and their passions.

Our urban communities are in a perpetual state of change, oftentimes leaving many teens feeling disconnected from each other more than ever. Here at the TUN family we are dedicated to strengthening our communities by providing a platform from which all of your voices can be shared.

At this time, we would like to invite you to reach out to us and become an active voice for your community. In the coming months we will be expanding our reach based on what you, our valuable teen readers, provide for feedback and suggestions. We sincerely value your participation and we look forward to all of the new ways in which we will be able to better serve you.

Inquiries, comments and suggestions can be emailed to the publisher at –  or you can mail your letters to P.O. Box 575, Revere, MA 02151. Thank you


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